Range anxiety is a feeling that electric vehicle driver feels when the charge in their battery is very low, and this usually stems from the fact that the availability of sources of electricity is low. It has been noticed that this is a very common thing most EV owners go through on a regular basis. This article entails details about range anxiety and also showcases how to avoid or reduce it.



Causes of range anxiety:  

Range of electric cars

The ranges of EV cars differ from model to model and it also highly depends on the driving styles of people , weather conditions in that particular area. The range of EVs has improved significantly over the years, however this improvement still falls short when compared to traditional vehicles which run on gasoline. While some high-end EVs give a mileage of 300 miles per charge, most mid-level EVs don’t have a mileage higher than 150-250 miles. 


To solve this issue many automakers are working to develop EVs with longer ranges, and governments are investing more into enhancing the infrastructure to support this.


Lack of charging infrastructure

Another significant cause of range anxiety is the lack of charging infrastructure. While IC vehicles have access to a vast network of gas stations, EVs need a strong network of charging stations to be able to travel long distances without going through range anxiety. 



It is also to be noted that even though there are a few charging stations available, the time they take to charge an EV is also a fact that adds to the anxiety of the driver as it isn’t convenient to stall for so long during long travels.



To combat this issue the government and private companies are investing in charging infrastructure. EV owners are also installing charging stations at home. Additionally, many EV manufacturers are collaborating with charging station providers to offers their customers access to charging stations in various locations.


Consequences of range anxiety:
Decreased driving range

Drivers who experience range anxiety are likely to avoid travelling long distances altogether. This behavior reduces the usability of EVs which defeat the purpose of owning an electric vehicle in the first place



Increased stress

Range anxiety can add to the overall stress of the EV owner and also decrease their likeliness of buying EVs in the future.


Negative environmental impact

As explained in the previous point, range anxious drivers might choose not to buy an EV in the future and rely on IC vehicles which can cause a negative impact on the environment.


Ways to overcome range anxiety:

Drive a hybrid vehicle

The people who haven’t purchased an EV yet can choose to opt for a hybrid vehicle. These vehicles can be powered by both fuel and electricity. These vehicles can reduce the fear of not finding a charging station and keep the persons mind at ease.


Utilize regenerative braking

This is a feature that all electric vehicles offer, in this system the motor acts like a generator every time the brake is applied and uses this energy to charge the battery. Although it doesn’t recharge a whole battery altogether it can help increase the vehicles range.


Efficient driving habits

There are various positive driving habits that can help increase the range of the EV, one of them as mentioned before is regenerative breaking. A few more of these habits can include avoiding speed and rapid acceleration.


Using APPs 

Various smartphone apps such as the Tesla app, can help drivers monitor their car’s battery level and also help the user locate nearby charging stations and plan their travels accordingly.


In conclusion, range anxiety is a temporary phenomenon and is bound to decrease overtime as there are various enhancements in the EV field regularly and also because the government is working towards providing a proper charging infrastructure in the near future.









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