VOLTRAN EV Emergency Charge Kit

VOLTRAN EV Emergency Charge Kit is all you need to charge your electric vehicle on-the-go absolutely anywhere you go. 

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About Kit

VOLTRAN Emergency Travel Kit is an outcome of rigorous discovery and testing done during a 1500 km long trip in TATA NEXON EV, , from Jaipur to the India-Pakistan border and back, which included charging the EV at all places – hotels, home of a friend, workshops, and even in a remote sand-dune camps location!


With this kit in your boot, you are fully equipped for long drives in your EV!
1. You can find electrical earthing for your EV charger anywhere on the planet!

2. You can measure the electricity you consumed so you can pay your host as needed.

3. A long, reliable cable lets you reach a plug practically anywhere in the host premises.
4. The kit shows you if the host wiring has proper polarity or not.
5. The kit includes an MCB to safeguard your vehicle against short circuits.
6. In the ultimate fallback case, you can use the tow rope included to tow-charge your vehicle. 


Salient Features

Some of the salient features of the EV emergency kit

Flame Retardant Cable

All cables we use in the charge kit are flame retardant. You can use them without worrying about heat.

earthing On The Go

Create your own earthing on the go using our mobile earth kit. This will keep the vehicle safe.

energy Meter

Pay your host for the electricity consumed with the handy digital energy meter installed in the kit

Towing Rope

Did you know that you can charge your EV while towing it? We bundle a strong towing rope with the kit

What's In The Box

This kit has all the necessary items required for safe charging

The kit includes:

1. The main cable roll, which includes the switch-board and energy-meter.
2a. Reverse polarity detector
2b. 25A MCB
3. The earth wire roll, which includes a 30m long, 2.5 sq mm wire for earth.
4a. Metal rod for sand-based electrical earthing
4b. Copper plate for water-tank based electrical earthing
4c. Clamp for getting earthing with any metal structure like plumbing, hand-pumps, railings, pole, electricity board pit, etc.
5. A tow-line!

Cable: 4 square mm, 15 meters long branded cable.
Switches and MCB: Veto/Anchor or similar high quality.
Copper Plate: 18 inch long, 25mm wide, 2.5mm thick solid copper.
Earthing Rod: 24 inch long, with soft handles for easy pulling-out from ground.
Earthing Clamp: With soft handles and copper contacts.
Towing Rope: Flexible Nylon, 25m long.

Client Testimonials

“It's amazing. It helped me in one drive of 5000+ road trip. it really helped me to connect in long distance point, earthing issue was almost everywhere.”
Sanjay Malik
“First of all, a very big thanks for providing me such a nice product. I am completely satisfied with the quality of all the equipment”
Sankalp Korde
“It was very useful and I bought two and planning to buy another one for our new Tiago ev.”
Suman Chintakunta

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