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AHA EV emergency travel kit, a well recognized EV accessory from the AHA stable of products that has been selling regularly in Indian market shall be sold under VOLTRAN brand going forward. AHA Electric, EV wing of AHA has merged with VOLTRAN ELECTRIC and Aakash, founder of AHA and inventor of this stupendous product shall become the founder member of VOLTRAN ELECTRIC and shall play an active role in bringing various interesting EV accessories into the market.

What it means for AHA EV travel kit?

Going forward, the kit will be known as VOLTRAN EV travel kit. It carries the same legacy, evolution and quality forward with the new name. While under AHA flag, it started its journey as a product, with VOLTRAN it will proliferate and reach every nook and corner. 

What other products coming from VOLTRAN? 

With a clear and exclusive focus on everything EV, one can expect multiple interesting accessories for EV vehicles to come out of the group.

What happens to AHA Innovations & its products like AHA NEXT CRUISE?   

Aha Innovations, with its mission to address all pain points irrespective of the domain, continues to do that, more encouraged than ever with the graduation of Aha EV travel kit to the right people. AHA NextCruise  shall continue to evolve under AHA flagship. 


VOLTRAN ELECTRIC is launched in April 2023 to set up manned, dense DC fast charge hubs across highways in India. The current fast charge infrastructure is India is completely broken with 70% of chargers not working. This is leading to slower adoption of EVs in India. VOLTRAN ELECTRIC addressed the problem head-on by setting up manned dense charge hubs. VOLTRAN ELECTRIC also sells various EV accessories in-line with this vision to be the go-to destination for all things EV. Please visit VOLTRAN to learn more. 


AHA Innovations is the brain child of Aakash, an engineer turned entrepreneur. AHA Innovations built India’s first 3D Printer and slowly expanded into automotive space developing various accessories for EVs and ICE vehicles. AHA’s products are very popular for the innovativeness of the products and technical expertise of the founder. Please visit AHA! Store to learn more. 

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